3 killer Digital Stack features you probably don’t know about

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The inspiration for this post came from a recent discussion with a recent newcomer to Digital Stack. It was a timely reminder that not everyone can attend a training, read the product update email or spend time exploring the product. Fair enough. No judgement here.

But we need to right this grave injustice. These features are too good not to use, and chances are they slipped by you too. So for the sake of two minues let’s check out 3 features every Digital Stack user loves (if they know about them!).

Automatic localization

Being built specifically for franchises and multi-location businesses, Digital Stack has plenty of inbuilt features you won’t find in other mass market software. Specifically when it comes to planning, scheduling social media posts or reporting across many locations.

And the automatic localization is a real highlight. When scheduling social content to multiple locations’ pages, the designs with automatically update the location to the page where it is posted.

Designs with dynamic location layers automatically feature the location name of the page they feature on.

Even when you are logged in to a particular location’s Digital Stack account, if you schedule to multiple locations then the name of each location is dynamic and automatically updates.

So it looks like local content even if, strictly speaking, it isn’t. And if the posts starts getting traction by way of likes and shares, the name of that location is dragged all over the web. Great for brand awareness of that location.

Emoji keyboard shortcuts for captions

Yep, you absolutely can use emojis in your captions right from Digital Stack! With your cursor in the caption field bring up the emoji menu with this keyboard shortcut:

Mac: Press Control + command + space

Windows: Press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period)

And voila! Your emoji menu will appear before your eyes. Just click on your selection to insert it into your caption.

Send to print

More often than not franchisees use either their company print provider, or a trusted local provider to do all their print work. Whether it’s letterbox mailers, business cards, or instore posters, you can edit them and then send straight to your printer from Digital Stack.

Sending artwork to your chosen print vendor from Digital Stack is super straight forward:

  • Edit your artwork to include any locally relevant information such as staff photos or phone numbers.
  • Select ‘Send to Printer’.
  • Choose either your corporate preferred print vendor, or enter details of your local printer.*

*Note the option to select a local printer depends on individual franchise preferences.

So there you go, hopefully we’ve helped a handful of users discover some new functionality they didn’t know about!