Get Started.

Master Digital Stack in 12 minutes.

See how to get started and use all the key features.

In the video we’ll cover: 

1. What Digital Stack is (0m 00s)
2. Connecting to your apps eg. Facebook (0m 21s)
3. What’s in the Learn section (1m 12s)
4. Using and reading the monthly plan (1m 40s)
5. Searching for designs and artwork (3m 30s)
6. Building a social media post on desktop (4m 50s)
7. Build a social post from the app (6m 18s)
8. Build a print item (7m 52s)
9. Requesting custom designs (8m 29s)
10. Reporting (9m 08s)
11. Wrap up – a quick recap (9m 55s)

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