Announcing Multi-franchise Planning and Reporting

As a purpose built franchise marketing platform, Digital Stack has always had planning and reporting capabilities across multiple locations.  But now you can add locations to your account profile – even if they are from a different franchise.

Once hooked on the franchising model it’s not uncommon for franchisees to look to diversify and open a franchise in a different industry. Many Digital Stack customers own franchises across disparate industries but want one dashboard to monitor marketing performance across all locations.

Well, now it exists!

No more switching between your Digital Stack accounts

Multi-franchise reporting means owners can now cast an eye over comparative reporting between a drive thru coffee chain, a gym, and a fast food franchise – so long as they are the owner and registered user of the location’s Digital Stack account.
No more logging out of one account and into another; all your franchises can be managed from a single account.

It’s now easier than ever to benchmark a host of marketing metrics including:

  • Total number of planned marketing activities
  • Facebook reach and engagement
  • Facebook advertising reach and cost-per-click
  • Adwords cost-per-conversion
  • Email open rates

Get set up in Digital Stack

To get multi-franchise planning and reporting capabilities all you need to do is ask your Digital Agency or drop us a line at and let us know your account username and franchises/locations.

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