Top 5 Best Australian Franchises To Invest In

Part 1

So, you’re looking for the best Australian franchises? Congrats, you’ve come to the right place. This article is part one of a two part series, stay tuned for the next.

In this article, we’ll give an overview of the best franchises down under, and the juicy details that I’m sure you’re looking for. In fact, here are the deets right now, for the top Aussie franchises:

  1. Takeaway Food Franchise 
  2. Cafe and coffee Franchise 
  3. Home Service & Repair Franchise 
  4. Health And Fitness Franchise 
  5. Aged Care Franchise 

According to Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Franchising is a model for doing business.

When you enter a franchise agreement, the franchisor controls the name, brand and business system you are going to use. The franchisor grants you the right to operate a business in line with its system, usually for a set period of time. 

Like any business model, there are pros and cons; which makes finding a clear answer to what the best Australian Franchises are, difficult.

By applying a proven business model however, you can limit the risks of opening a brand new business. This is why many prominent business professionals choose franchising over creating a new start-up. 

Whilst it is possible to open a franchise in almost every industry, only a handful of industries generate profitable returns. Before buying a franchise, it’s important to research the industry’s outlook, threats and opportunities. 

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best franchises in Australia, based on the industry’s outlook, threats and opportunities. 

1. Takeaway Food Franchise 

Australian Franchise: Subway image

Takeaway food is one of the best Australian franchises to check out, in terms of opportunites.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the behaviours of Australian consumers. The stay-at-home economy has forced industries to rethink their business models and adapt to this change in consumer behaviours. 

This has made takeaway food franchises the hottest-selling entity on the market. 

Outlook: According to IBIS world this industry is expected to grow by 12.1% in 2021. 

Threat: Highly competitive with multiple new entrants as there is little barrier to entry.

Opportunities: Consumer discretionary income is expected to see considerable growth within Australia.

Australian Takeaway Franchise Examples

Below are the best Australian franchises for takeaway, to look into. Click on each link to visit their official franchise page, and learn a bit more.

2. Cafe & Coffee Franchise 

Australian Franchise: cafe

Coffee culture within Australia is a powerful force; making it a strong Australian Franchise to buy into. Unlike other hospitality businesses however, Australia is notorious to push back on corporate, large-scale cafes and coffee roasters.

It seems that enough Australians feel a certain elite snobbishness when it comes to cafes.

This is one of the main reasons Starbucks (albeit not a franchise) failed when it first tried to penetrate the Australian market. 

Australians appreciate authenticity; which is something that can still be achieved through a franchise.

Outlook: Cafe & Coffee shop revenue is anticipated to rise by 6.3% in 2020-2021.

Threat: Public perspective on coffee & cafe chains.

Opportunities: Opening the business within low competitive states and suburbs, as the hospitality industry grows post Covid.

Australian Cafe & Coffee Franchise Examples

Here are the best Australian franchises for Cafes, to check out. They’ve each got their own pages that give all the details.

Home Service & Repair Franchise 

Best Australian Franchise: home service

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians are seeing a rapid decrease in available ‘leisure time’. Due to this decrease in free time, home service & repair businesses fill this gap; making it an attractive Australian franchise opportunity. 

These services are particularly popular with younger generations, as they may not have the technical skills to complete these tasks themselves.

Outlook: Growing industry with Australians requiring more service as a result of less time and experience.

Threat: Competitor businesses.

Opportunities: A lot of home service franchises are international, allowing for more purchase opportunities. 

Australian Home Service & Repair Franchise Examples

The bellow examples are some of the best Australian Franchises to look into, in terms of home service and repair.

Health and Fitness Franchise

Australian Franchise: gym interior

Health and fitness has never been more front and centre in the public eye. Due to COVID, Australians not only realise the importance of personal health, but also appreciate the freedom of being able visit a gym (after gruelling lockdowns).

This increase in public awareness pushes health and fitness businesses as a top Australian Franchise opportunity. 

Outlook: Just in Australia, revenue from the fitness industry is projected to reach US$224M in 2021.

Threat: Cheap competition, at home workout services.

Opportunities: Increased public demand and awareness of fitness and health.

Australian Health and Fitness Franchise Examples

Within the health & fitness industry, the below listed, are some of the best Australian franchises.

Aged care franchise

best australian franchise: portrait of elderly woman

Disability and aged care businesses have seen huge growth in Australia; with the sector being a $20 Billion+ industry. A huge factor of this is the baby boomer cohort being the largest demographic within Australia – and they’re rapidly reaching retirement age. 

With these stats in mind, aged care is one of the best industries to look into, in terms of franchises.

Outlook: Industry expected to grow rapidly, with an ageing Australian population.

Threat: Competition, limited awareness to younger audiences that will be making aged care decisions.

Opportunities: International growth possible, with many Aussie franchises already establishing overseas operations.

Australian aged care franchise examples 

For aged care, these are the best Australian franchises to check out.

Best Australian Franchises: The Bottom Line

Each franchise industry and sector has its own unique risks, and opportunities. If you are looking into investing in a certain franchise, don’t let yourself be limited by an industry that you don’t have previous experience with.

If you have a strong interest, and drive to create a successful business; go for it.

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