Case Study: Working Directly with Clients on Email Integrations and Solutions

Marketers and business owners can’t assume every customer or prospect have a Facebook or Instagram account. The safest bet for reaching as many people as possible? Email. For instance, a study done by the Campaign Monitor at the end of 201 found that 3.9 billion people in the world use email.

The importance of email

Email should be a key element to any brand’s marketing strategy. Digital Stack allows clients to manage not only its social media accounts from the platform but also to send email communications as well. 

Digital Stack has integrated with a global email marketing and automation tool- Campaign Monitor. As well as a dedicated, third-party system used by a large global client. Digital Stack has also developed the ability for clients to use HTML email templates. This allows users to be able to download a created email template and upload that into an internal email platform. 

Member Engager

For our largest client, Lift Brands, Digital Stack worked directly with the IT department to provide franchisees with an enhanced email marketing solution. This streamlined processes for franchisees and truly give them an all-in-one marketing tool. 

Lift Brands franchisees can log into Digital Stack and enter Member Engager via Build and Schedule. Member Engager is Lift Brand’s email marketing tool; it was previously a separate system but is now integrated in Digital Stack. Users can design emails and send them to lists of prospects and members. This information is pulled from Fitware, Lift Brand’s master database. 

Users can create and send custom emails; announcements, newsletters and promotional materials to member lists. As well as make edits to the series of automated emails that are sent system wide from their location. Lift Brands Head Office is able to upload pre-made newsletters and other email templates for users. Like all Digital Stack assets the brand standard elements of the templates are locked-in. This allows franchisees to fill in the emails with the content that is relevant for their location and members while still ensuring the communications look professional and compliant. 

Client feedback

The Member Engager integration into Digital Stack is a great user experience for our franchisees. It keeps all marketing tools in one place, with a consistent flow and familiar layout. We really appreciated the collaboration with the Digital Stack team to create the best way for our franchisees to communicate with their members.

Adreanne Hoppe, Product Manager – Marketing Technology, at Lift Brands Inc.

Working directly with our clients to provide solutions and improve the user experience is why we do what we do. Is your brand is looking to integrate a specialised email system into its marketing plan? Not sure where to start? Let us know! We’d love to get in touch. 

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