Editable Templates Make it Easier Than Ever to Share your Message

We often hear from users that the Build and Schedule section is their favourite feature on Digital Stack. And we understand why!

The Build and Schedule feature allows users the most creativity and freedom. But the feature is designed to still uphold the standards Head Office has set around its marketing collateral. 

Editability of templates

When a graphic designer or team-member uploads a template into the builder, they have full control over the framework of the asset.  They choose what fields are dynamic and what will be “locked-in” to maintain the brand integrity. This is beneficial for the designer to know that what they have created will remain in-tact. The end user is able to add their own media or update the text to reflect a more personalised message. 

Localisation is key for local area marketing and Digital Stack templates provide that. Templates that include merge fields for location information are dynamic. When the post shows up on Facebook it has each specific location’s name on it. Even if the post is a generic graphic from Head Office, it looks like hyper-local content that a location has created.  This is just one of the great, built-in features Digital Stack provides. Check out some others you may not have known about.

It’s organic social media’s “time to shine”

Organic social content is a key part of any successful marketing plan. Locations should always be gathering and sharing this content on individual channels. 

During times of uncertainty, Head Offices and locations may spend less on advertising in an effort to be more money-conscious. This is the time for organic/ evergreen content to take the front seat. Account managers should focus on continuous but thoughtful posts during times of crisis. This is a free and effective way for businesses to maintain contact and share relevant information to all parties involved. As Greg Swan, Director of Digital and Social at Fallon, explains; companies need to ensure they have a proactive communications plan during times of crisis. And this all centers around organic social. 

Many industries have de-prioritised organic social over the last few years. But, there is no better example than present day as to why businesses need to rethink that strategy. This is not to say that accounts should turn hyper-active and post all the time. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s important to know if and when to post and more importantly, what to say if you do.

It is very beneficial at this time to provide branded, specific templates for locations to use. Head Office’s can control the messaging and provide the guidance its locations are looking for. First, by laying it all out in a comprehensive marketing plan within the Plan section on Digital Stack. Then users know where to find the optimised templates they should use. Digital Stack has integrated with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so users can easily schedule out content.

Lacking in organic content? No problem.

Location managers may be scrambling now because they haven’t taken photos or videos of customers (or of the store) in a while. Less people are coming into stores or they may be closed all together. It might seem like a difficult time to get quality organic content. This is where the Asset Library is so helpful! The Digital Stack Asset Library allows Head Office’s to share all forms of brand standard media files with each location. This includes photos, videos, brand logos and more. Locations can use this great content in its own posts if it is running low on local material. Users can also create their own collections within the Asset Library. Media can be uploaded from a desktop to be stored and used again and again in templates.

Not just for social media

Build and Schedule templates are not limited to just digital and social media. Templates can also be built for print items. From large roll-up banners, to flyers and handy business cards.  Even better, users are able to send artwork straight to print. They can use the preferred print provider set by Head Office or send to a local printing shop. Despite what some critics may say, print isn’t dead. It is a medium that all businesses should be using. Maximize brand exposure by utilising all platforms available. If your business is still operating on deliveries or online shopping at this time, why not print out a beautiful banner to put up outside your location for all to see? 

Need some help creating templates for your business? Contact support@digitalstack.io today to learn about our Digital Stack Design offers!

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