Marketing Planner

A better way to stay organized across multiple locations.

Plan across locations, territories, countries.

The planner advises the national campaign calendar and recommends local area marketing activity. Set and schedule marketing activities for one or one thousand locations.

Location owners can enter their own marketing events and monitor activity and compliance.


Schedule social media posts.

Schedule social content on behalf of local managers. The planner lets everyone know what needs doing, and what’s already scheduled. 

And with dynamic location fields built in to the assets, all content looks locally produced.

With integrations for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, it’s easy to amplify national marketing activity through individual locations’ social accounts.

Rally the troops.

Marketing execution across multiple locations is hard. A unified planner gets everyone on the same page.

Never forget again.

Automated weekly emails advise of upcoming weekly marketing activity. App notifications provide critical reminders.

Put plans into action.

Planner events link through to editable assets to complete the activity.

Put activities on autopilot.

Enter activities as on-offs or as recurring events for one or many locations.