Collaborative planning

Successful engagement all begins with planning
Whether you manage one business location or one thousand, planning your marketing activity and social media posts is quick and simple.
Using a traffic light colouring system, you and anyone in your team can tell at a glance what items need actioning. 

Content creation

Dynamic template creation means you can market to your audience like no one else knows how
Professionally designed templates all created according to your brand’s style guide, can be used at any time.
Combine your own text, images and videos to produce unique artwork that engages your audience and communicates your brand.

Multi-platform integration

Link up with all your existing accounts for time-saving automation
Schedule your custom artwork directly to your Facebook accounts directly from Digital Stack. Schedule Instagram posts directly to your phone.
Report on all your stats from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords and more.

Social posts, video and print

Templates are available for all purposes
An in-browser template editor that supports video, layer blend modes and transformations, allowing any property of any layer to be edited.
Multi-page, scalable CMYK print templates allow you to create posters and flyers with your own custom content, while maintaining perfect brand logo and colours.

Performance snapshots

All your key stats in one report
Real-time data from all your linked platforms on how you are performing.
For a single business location, or aggregated stats over many locations, get an instant snapshot of how you are performing.
Are your Google ads converting? Which was your most popular Facebook post? Which location got the most likes?
How do all these features help franchise businesses?