Four Reasons Online Reviews are Essential for the Growth of Your Business

It is common knowledge that referrals are an easy and free way to generate leads and sales for any business. A customer who uses your product or service already can sell all of the benefits of it to their friends and family, without you having to do any of the work or pay for advertising spend. It’s the ideal scenario for any business owner.

So why aren’t we focusing on generating online reviews? They’re basically the same thing!

We live in a digital world now and online reviews are proven to have the same effect as referrals; it’s a customer’s personal experience with your product or service with honest feedback.

Here’s our four reasons why you should be focusing on generating Google and Facebook reviews for your business.

1.   Trust
Customers are savvy these days and do their research before purchasing a product or service. Checking reviews has become a part of their research strategy because they know that they can get honest feedback. 

2.   Visibility
Google tracks the activity on your Google My Business page and helps promote those who have a large number of high ratings and engage with their reviews. If you’re not appearing as one of the top three businesses in a Google search, then it’s time to focus on getting more Google reviews. It is also important to answer questions asked by the public and respond to reviews (both good and bad) as this will raise the position of your Google My Business page in a search. It goes without saying that you should be doing the same for your Facebook reviews so that potential customers see how you communicate with other customers. 

3.   Connection
Reviews allow you to connect with your customers in two ways. First by creating a conversation with your customers and asking them to leave a review. Second, in an online platform where potential customers can see how you interact with those who have provided you with both negative and positive reviews. 

4.   It’s Free Marketing!
Need we say more?

Did you know? Your Google My Business account can be connected and managed through Digital Stack where you can access reports, understand how customers are finding you and view all of your reviews and questions, all in one place!

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