How a Franchise Location Can Outperform Big Brands on Social Media

Did you know that a franchise location’s social media pages get 450% more engagement per follower than the main brand page?

It’s one of the primary reasons why each location should have its own social media presence.  

But why is this so? Well there’s several good reasons why local content gets more reactions, more interactions and is just, well, more social.

Local pages can ‘show, not just tell’

It’s far more compelling to see a great experience rather than just talk about it.  And it’s much more motivating to see the excitement on a real world customer than try to convey it through a corporate advertising campaign.

By showing, and not just talking about, the brand value, you are far more likely to create social media posts that generate genuine engagement.

Customer interaction happens at the local level, and it’s for this reason franchisees are best placed to capture the best social media content.  

Any real estate agent can say they have local relationships, but the best performers, at least on social media, will show you.


Local content is just ‘realer’

Authenticity is increasingly important. People are constantly bombarded by marketing messages and media consumption is more fragmented than ever.

Digital Marketing experts have said that most americans are exposed to thousands of marketing messages per day. On top of that, there’s the increasingly fractured media that people consume. Radio, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Netflix, traditional television.

That’s a hell of a lot of noise to cut through.

People are sick of being bombarded with brand messages featuring empty and baseless claims. Everything is the best, the first or the fastest, according to the advertiser. It’s just not…real.


With so many glossy, polished, and utterly boring marketing messages bombarding people, imperfect authenticity is a legitimate marketing strategy.


In this context you can see how local content is refreshing. Even if your Facebook video doesn’t come with totally in-focus footage and a top 20 backing soundtrack, it is certainly genuine. And that counts for a lot.

The psychology behind it is buyers are more likely to say yes to a request if they feel a connection to the person making it. So by being being authentic, slightly imperfect and vulnerable (i.e. being real), you are actually building a connection that will serve you well in driving business.

Local relevance

It’s in the local catchments where a brand’s rubber hits the road, so to speak.  Social media from a local franchise can do a far better job of amplifying key brand messages with local relevance.

For example:

  • Whereas a national brand campaign for a clothing designer can promote a new Spring range, the Melbourne location can promote it with regard to Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.
  • A global motorcycle manufacturer can show off a new model, but the local dealership can highlight the best local canyon roads to attack on the weekend to really whet the appetite of the local catchment.
  • A national real estate agency can talk to you at a high level about service and a huge range of listings, but the local agency can show you the listing you want and offer an inspection at a convenient time.

You can see how it’s easier to get drawn into the local examples, emotionally. Their relatable and achievable, and that’s what makes them great for social media. No wonder they get more engagement per follower.

Sense of community and belonging

Now, believe it or not, social media can be social. It can generate a sense of community and inclusion, and make people feel good. If it’s done right.

Now it is possible to do all that with a national or global brand page, but it’s rare. Think Sephora for makeup, Tesla for cars, and Apple for computer hardware.

More commonly it happens with a niche brand and a somewhat tribal following.

But with a local franchise page it happens a lot more organically. Communities build around the bubbly staff, the regular customers, the daily happenings and the running jokes. Pull these through into the social posts and voila, social media community.


Shine a light on the people and their stories to help shape your local franchise’s place in the community.


Now put these points into practice!

Now you know why local content works better, you should actively try to use these points in your favour on your own local social pages.

Think through the unique advantage you have in owning the customer relationship, and how you can use that to create authentic content that shows what your franchise location – and it’s people – are all about.

You’ll be sure to see more interaction with your posts, more eyeballs on it, and better business outcomes.

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