How To Make Customers Relax For Facebook Photos

As we’ve covered before, the latest Facebook changes make it critical to put people in front of brands. Put simply, your customers and staff should be headline acts in your social media plan.

But how do you ask a customer for a Facebook photo without making it weird? And how can you get them relaxed enough to take a great shot?

Well, we asked the pros to find out what they do.
Use these tips and not only will you be more confident when approaching customers, you’ll take phenomenal photos too.

A relaxed subject guarantees impactful photos that perform brilliantly on social media.


1) Use your existing rapport

Ideally, you’ll be asking existing customers which makes the task super simple. No doubt you’ll already have a bit of banter and it’s not that hard to swing the chat around to getting a quick photo (you’ll still want to use the tips below for best effect).

2) Tell them what it’s for and where it’s going.

What you’re doing here is pre-emptively addressing the customers fears; “I’m going to look terrible and it will go all over the internet”.
Be honest and reassuring and simply explain you’d love to get a photo of them alongside your product (or whatever the context is) for your business Facebook page. Let them know if they don’t love the photo you won’t put it up – you’ll show it to them before it goes anywhere.

3) Don’t be afraid to play stylist

Some people think if they try and ‘fix’ an aspect of the customers appearance you’ll end up making them self-conscious.
The pros have a different take on it. If you show the subject you’ve get their best interests at heart they’ll be comfortable that the photo will turn out great.
Obviously you need to do it with a bit of tact. After suggesting someone straighten their hat and fix their collar, be sure you follow up by telling them it looks perfect and will make a great shot.

4) Don’t touch them

When getting customer photos for Facebook, there’s one thing a professional can do that you can’t – touch the customer. Whether it’s a positioning thing, lighting or styling issue, you’ll have to just give direction verbally. Any contact is likely to put the subject on edge and possibly make it weird. You don’t want to make it weird.

5) Keep talking…about anything except what’s going on

Doctors and surgeons are the masters at this. They put you at ease by talking to you about what you’re eating for dinner tonight…right as they prepare you for brain surgery. And it works!
By distracting your customers you’ll stop them from overthinking things and building it up in their own head. It’s done before they even know it.

6) Try this physical exercise

This one is straight from LT Network’s in-house videographer Eric Dittloff. Get the person to take up us much space as possible, arms and legs out wide. Then inhale loudly, filling the lungs. Finally, exhale deeply and audibly.
The science behind this is that when you stand in a particular power stance, your cortisol levels will drop and help you mirror the chemistry of confidence. Strange as it sounds, it works. Give it a try yourself.


Try to capture candid moments; not all customer pics have to be cheesy front-on poses.


7) A pro tip to relieve tense facial muscles

Usually if a subject is tense, it shows in their face. This tension is entirely understandable but it’s unlikely it will make for a good photo.
Professionals deal with this by asking their subject to take a deep breath, close their lips gently, and then exhale. The air forces itself past the lips and makes them flap together like a horse. Vocal coaches call this ‘lip bubbles’ or ‘motorboating’. It will instantly dissolve facial tension and you’ll get a way better shot after.

8) Get consent to use the image

Finally, show the winning image to the customer and get their ‘OK’ to use it. A verbal OK if fine, but it’s important they’ve given it the green light.

Give it a shot this week.

Most small businesses desperately need more locally relevant content in their feeds, for one simple reason. Customer stories, testimonials and candid moments outperform anything else on social media for organic reach. Put these tips into action to get some great shots from the friendly faces that form the fabric of your business today.

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