Importance of Print and Out-Of-Home Signage in Quick Service Restaurants.

Picture this: you are driving along the main street of town and a sign catches your eye. The Quick Service Restaurant  on the corner has a new sandwich of the month and it looks delicious. You make the next available turn and go get yourself a tasty lunch. Your entire day is made just because you saw a big sign while driving. 

That is the power of traditional signage and print. 

Not only does large, outdoor signage help attract new and returning customers but proper posters and cut-outs inside the shop can help customers as well. If someone comes in unsure of what they might want to order, some high resolution images of the options can help them make a decision. This can be used as a way to upsell to combo meals which increases the profit for the business. 

Directional signage, like “Line Forms Here” or “Exit Only” can assist with abiding by COVID-19 regulations set by local governments. 

This is another key point to focus on, consumer behavior has shifted towards take-out and delivery centric experiences. Brands that focus on these types of services are in a unique position to capitalise on that. Take Dominos for example. In May the pizza giant reported “a material increase in U.S. same store sales” of 22 percent from April 20 to May 17.  Numbers have been improving since March 23rd when the company flipped its game plan and went to contactless delivery nationwide. Dominos also stated they are seeing larger orders and more weekday business. 

Any business that can offer takeout or delivery could see this growth as well. And incorporating more print into a marketing plan can only aid in this. 

Print can also be used as a way of retaining customers. Many establishments use punch or loyalty cards as ways to incentivise people to continue to visit and purchase goods to ultimately win a free item or gain points,etc. This is as effective as having a business card to hand out to people. Customers keep these on their person and bring out when with friends and family when suggesting places to go. And then they talk about the great deal they are going to get from your business once they fill that card.

Direct mailers can be used to target specific groups of people based on their zip code, possibly because they live or work near the location for example. With so many working from home/ remotely for the foreseeable future, direct mailers to residential areas could get more exposure than ever before. Everyone loves a deal, so including a coupon or incentive on that direct mailer can improve lunch and dinner sales during typically slower times like the middle of the week. 

The moral of the story? Utilise print throughout all aspects of the business. It is a vital and everlasting way to have a presence in your local area as well as to prospect customers. A big sign, a loyalty card or a coupon in the mail could be the game changer for your business to bring in more customers and keep them coming back for years to come.  

In the coming weeks we touch on electronic alternatives, which are starting to be adopted by franchises, and make it easier to control content such as menus from a centralised location. 

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