Integration Announcement: Users Can Now Post to LinkedIn via Digital Stack

LinkedIn is the latest major platform Digital Stack has integrated with!


Users can post updates, images, blog links and more directly to LinkedIn using branded templates. This follows the same process as other social and digital media platforms. 

What is LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned, American business. Since launching in 2003, it has become known as a platform for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. It has evolved to be a space for both brands/businesses and individuals to discuss ideas, share knowledge and learn about opportunities within chosen fields. It is available to users for both web and mobile use. 

Why brands use it

Brands should utilise this platform for a multitude of reasons. One being, that it is another avenue to promote the business and reach more prospective consumers. Franchise and multi-location brands should especially use LinkedIn for sales. The platform has one of the largest pools of business professionals who could be looking for more opportunities themselves, or know someone who is. 

Why individual locations should use it

LinkedIn isn’t just for a Head Office; individual brand locations can also utilise this platform to post hirings, share PR and advertise location openings and promotions. According to Glassdoor, 69% of job seekers are more likely to apply to a company that makes an active effort to promote its culture online. Advertising on your business’ profile  and within a LinkedIn Career Page is a great way to aid your recruitment efforts. Show off what your company is like and what a prospective employee could expect if they were to work there. 

So whether you are with a Head Office team looking to promote your brand or a location owner, use the new Digital Stack integration with LinkedIn to build more awareness for your company!

Click here to learn more about utilising this integration as a Digital Stack user.

Email if you are interested in getting a full demo. 

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