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Link in Bio: The Opportunities this Creates

The first link in bio is free. That’s right, the first link you put in your Instagram account biography is free advertising space to direct your audience to wherever you want. When used properly and to its fullest extent, this tactic can become a vital tool in capitalizing on your social media efforts. And assist in the overall improvement of your business objectives.

What is a link in bio

The term “link in bio” simply refers to the ability to link a URL directly in your Instagram bio. This effortless task becomes one of the easiest marketing efforts to direct visitors to an external site. In fact, this is the only place Instagram allows clickable links, so taking advantage of this free service is a hard offer to pass up.

As a marketer, the ultimate goal of using Instagram as a resource is to create visibility for your brand. Once you have the attention of your audience, driving them to additional information becomes imperative to profit on the awareness you’ve just gained. 

Whether you promote clicking this link in one of your posts or catch the attention of someone visiting your page, having this link at the top of your Instagram account will become a definable resource to direct people towards. Thus making the effort of managing an Instagram page increasingly worthwhile. 

Capitalizing on the link in bio

While it is true that Instagram allows only one link to remain in each page’s bio, notable solutions have been engineered to workaround this rule and still benefit from the “link in bio” opportunity. In fact, the first workaround created has transformed into a company valued at $1.3 billion. The Australian-based startup (much like Digital Stack!), took an unforeseen issue created by the advancements of technology and created a unique yet simple solution. With over 24 million users, this workaround is known as Linktree. 

The service allows one single link to remain in an Instagram biography, but once clicked, allows you access to multiple links listed in an organized way. Many other services similar to this one have since been created, allowing users to maximize their link in bio efforts. This means you can have a website, blog, other social platforms and more presented to an interested party to choose from at once.

Monitoring your link in bio

Once you have set up your link or links in bio, this can be an additional metric to monitor to understand if your marketing efforts are working. Digital Stack makes this process simple by proving customized reporting to your connected Instagram page. Below is an example of how Instagram specific reporting can be viewed.

As you can see in this example, the amount of bio link clicks is clearly listed for the connected Instagram account. Especially if you are putting effort in directing people to this specific resource, it is important to know how many people are actually clicking that link. And to monitor this each week and month to see the progress!

Setting up a link in bio on your Instagram account is simple and free for everyone to use. With the knowledge provided above, start providing a link in your Instagram bio today!

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