Marketing to Post-COVID Personas

Adapting to the ever-changing trends in consumer behavior is nothing new to marketing experts. However, it is rare for an economy to experience a shift as drastic as the one caused by the global pandemic this past year and a half. It’s going to take an entirely new marketing plan and strategy to account for the lifestyle changes of consumers. 

Post-Covid Consumer Trends

COVID-19 has prompted a multitude of recent consumer trends and behaviors, causing marketing teams to question how to best reach these new audience personas. Brands need to be thinking of creative ways to incorporate these attributes into their campaigns and targeting practices. 

A list of “post-Covid personas” was recently released based on the searches most commonly sought for on Pinterest. These were discovered in their latest research report and point to motivating factors consumers now prioritize. The top most notable attribute was coined, “The Routine Ritualist,” to denote the strong desire people now have in maintaining their healthier routines, which they developed during the pandemic. 

These new daily regimens included activities that looked to improve their overall mental and physical health. Evidence of this was uncovered in the popular searches conducted on Pinterest looking for at home workouts, sunday dinner ideas and daily routine schedules. Therefore, incorporating these key topics into the content creation process is vital to reaching these new personas. It shows these consumers that as a brand, you understand the importance and value of these new habits on people’s mental and physical well being. 

Along with the Routine Ritualist, researchers also created the terms, “The Priorized Parent,” “The Eco Evangelist,” and “The Emerging Entrepreneur.” Similarly, these were determined based off of top searches including familial activities, sustainable lifestyles and entrepreneurial motivation. It is clear that people are highly interested in keeping these quarantined-formed habits and will want brands to relate to this desire.

Implementing Trends

Companies that have used these trends as a guideline in their current marketing strategies have emerged most successful in crafting their day-to-day content. Several companies using Digital Stack have implemented templates that cater to these newly introduced trends. These have included at home/virtual  workout templates and healthy recipe guides to better connect with the modern day consumer.

Photo courtesy of Fitstop AU (@fitstop_australia)
Photo courtesy of Club Pilates (@clubpilates)

To check if this content is working, companies are able to view the reporting feature on Digital Stack to see what type of content is receiving the most engagement. Then they are able to determine if using these post-covid personas in their updated marketing strategies is reaching their desired audience.

Digital Stack’s editable templates can help your brand manage these new consumer trends in an engaging and consistent way. Reach out to learn more! 

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