Asset Library

Your own brand-approved asset library

Digital Stack Asset Library allows users to store all marketing related assets in one place, removing the need for third party storage systems.

Digital Stack allows brands to store videos, images, and documents at both the global and locals. Upload and share assets to hundreds or thousands of locations in a single click. Management groups and franchisees can also create their own private collections, just for their own local area marketing.

Active Asset Management™

Digital Stack protects brands across every feature

Using Active Asset Management ™ you can access your stored content via desktop and mobile devices, customised and sent via any marketing channel connected, from social media to print channels. This saves users both time and money, eliminating unnecessary download and upload steps.

As the world’s leading brand management tool for franchise and multi-location brands, it is important to ensure you are not using images or videos related to inactive campaigns or out-of-contract talent you have used. With its expiry feature, it is easy to remove Collections ensuring you don’t promote expired offers or breach talent contracts.

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