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Formulating insightful reports can take time and effort – particularly when reporting must be done for multiple locations. In fact, one of the hardest things for brands to do, is provide reporting that meets the needs of head office marketing teams.

To help with this, Digital Stack Insights puts all key marketing metrics at your fingertips, available at all levels of your organization.

Available at all levels

Head office teams (globally and nationally)

Ownership groups with multiple locations

Single locations

Multi-level transparency

Report across all channels

You can run reports across one location, a group, or an entire network measuring and benchmarking performance of specific campaigns, as well as daily or weekly activity.

Digital Stack Insights allows you to add any required marketing channels you have set up and need to measure. It is customisable by brand need, and with our APIs makes it easy to integrate with and achieve Single Sign On.

Channel performance

Track performance of organic content across social media channels


Quick overviews of your online campaigns including conversions and CPC


Key statistics for your websites and email campaigns

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