Saving Time with Digital Stack

Owning a business is time-consuming and can be a stressful endeavor. Having a start-up company involves taking into account many risk factors, which often makes the franchise route instantly more desirable. A considerable advantage to opening a franchise business is that your brand is already established and is often backed with a corporate marketing team. With this comes the benefits of having brand recognition, which saves you the time and the money from having to create this yourself!

It is important to capitalize on having brand recognition as much as possible since it’s likely that this also carries an established customer base. Normally, franchisees are given useful marketing plans and content from the respective marketing teams to use all the way from pre-sales to sustainable business. These can help achieve great results while reducing the time and skills that are needed to carry out these marketing tasks.

While we know this marketing collateral is a real asset for franchise owners, it is often a headache for Head Office teams to distribute this content in a streamlined way. Furthermore, it can be very cumbersome for franchisees who are trying to access everything from multiple different places (intranets, Dropboxes, etc).  Digital Stack has found a solution to turn this challenge into a seamless process.

Quick access to branded materials

Don’t have the time to craft branded materials on a consistent basis? Leave that to your franchise marketing team. In Digital Stack, head office teams are able to upload all branded assets directly into the platform for franchisees to easily access. With the brand guidelines locked in, this removes the need for your location to hire a graphic designer to create great content. This also gives you the opportunity to add your own images and text to pre-branded templates to create localized materials too.

This element alone eliminates hours of design work and ensures that your location is relying on the brand recognition that is already established.

Advanced scheduling features

Once you have access to these marketing materials, it is time to put them to use. This is where Digital Stack can be used as a planning and scheduling tool to help you use your time more efficiently. Simply connect your desired social platforms and begin the scheduling process.

If you dedicate roughly one hour a week to pre-planning and scheduling all your local area marketing across each platform, this will reduce time spent daily creating and scheduling content. Having content shared regularly will help generate and maintain that customer base. Consistency is key!

Remove the guesswork

Now that you have begun sharing content through Digital Stack, you should evaluate if these efforts are working for your business. You can run specialized reports directly through the platform to provide insight on how your posts, emails and ads are performing. This will save you time and guesswork when looking to understand your customer base.

In this report you will be shown page growth rates, engagement rates and even top times to post pending when most of your audience is active.

Overall, using Digital Stack to save time and reduce stress is simple with the fantastic features offered. Find out how it can help you increase productivity and save time at

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