Send Artwork Straight to your Printers from Digital Stack

We are delighted to announce franchises can now send all their print artwork directly to their chosen printer from Digital Stack.

This new Digital Stack feature ensures all elements of print marketing – from design to print – are managed within Digital Stack. This is big news for all our franchise and multi-location users who edit and download thousands of customisable print templates every day.

Whether its an in-store poster, A-frame tent card or DL brochure, you can now edit and send to print in minutes.

Complete control with a single print vendor

For head offices looking to use a single supplier across multiple locations this provides vastly improves control.

Having a trusted single supplier is a common requirement for franchises. It ensures all local managers have access to the same print pricing, turnaround times and quality.

It also gives visibility over which locations are accessing print assets for campaign execution. That’s extremely useful data for ensuring compliance with franchise marketing campaigns.

For Digital Stack users, it’s another step forward in user experience. But it’s also a potential money saver. That’s because each location can now gain access to corporate-negotiated print pricing through their integrated print vendor.

Print materials remain a massive part of the franchise marketing mix. From free trial handouts, to brochures for community outreach and business cards for relationship building. The need for quality print materials remains critical to franchise marketing effectiveness and brand building. 

How to print from Digital stack

Sending artwork to your chosen print vendor from Digital Stack is super straight forward:

  • Edit your artwork to include any locally relevant information such as staff photos or phone numbers
  • Select ‘Send to Printer’
  • Choose either your corporate preferred print vendor, or enter details of your local printer*

For corporate head offices the setting of a default print vendor is equally easy and done in less than a minute. Simply fill out the required fields under Printer in the Connect section.  Just like that, all locations have a default print vendor on each and every print job.

*the option to select a local printer depends on individual franchise preferences.

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