"Digital Stack gives me vision over the entire Snap Fitness network.

It gives head office the support it needs to execute national marketing, ensure brand control and provides franchisees with the tools they need to execute their local area marketing. "

– Ty Menzies
CEO, Snap Fitness Australia

Worldwide adoption for Snap Fitness

Australia and New Zealand together boast over Snap Fitness 250 clubs, all of which use Digital Stack regularly.

Based on feedback and overwhelmingly positive results, Digital Stack is fast being taken up by Snap Fitness clubs all around the world. It has quickly proven itself in the UK, and is being rolled out in the US, Spain, Netherlands, and Ireland.

Snap Fitness head office uses Digital Stack to help franchisees plan their local marketing activities. Successful collaboration between head office and franchisees is achieved because it allows local managers to tailor their marketing to their audience as only they know how.

Clubs utilise the extensive library of branded templates, customising them to their needs, and scheduling to the platforms most demanded by their customers.

With the addition of digital advertising controlled for each area, and multi-location reporting, Digital Stack allows club owners and head office to track their performance across all platforms at once.

F45 Functional Training

"We recently started using Digital Stack to assist us with our online marketing planning and execution and it has been nothing short of a game changer for our business.

The platform provides the ability to plan key digital marketing activities efficiently and effectively while allowing the creation of consistent and exciting content at the same time.

Our online presence has sky rocketed as have our new clients and our total weekly appointments.

Our customer feedback is that the content is sharp and eye catching. From our perspective, Digital Stack is very user friendly with dozens of templates available that literally makes creating this content as easy as 1-2-3. We can't recommend this product highly enough!"

– Joel Pearce
Franchise Owner
"Our online presence has sky rocketed as have our new clients and our total weekly appointments."
– Joel Pearce
Franchise Owner
"So convenient that you can cover all social media pages at one time"
– 9Round UK


"The great thing about Digital Stack is that it adds structure and it's easy to add content and plan ahead for the following months.

So convenient that you can cover all social media pages at one time. The support is great with a quick turn around, especially if we need something new made up. It's also a great way to review and keep track of what outreach has been done.

Very efficient for the business and cuts down on the man hours having Digital Stack in place which specialises in this area."

– Naomi - Eroll - Jordan
9Round UK Team
Digital Stack optimises customer engagement, design consistency and marketing workflow, saving you time, money and stress.