Take Advantage of all the Resources Digital Stack has to Offer

Digital Stack offers users many benefits beyond branded content. Like a comprehensive Learn section and ability to create marketing calendars. Included in this list, is reporting metrics and the ability to request specific one-off designs. 


What is the point of creating a strategy if you don’t take time to analyse the results? Is there any benefit to continually post the same content that isn’t actually helping increase engagement or performance? The correct answer to both questions is “no”. Many users take the time to craft nice posts and maintain a consistent presence on social pages. But often forget to run a report to see how all this effort aided the business. 

Within the Report section of Digital Stack, users can pull full metrics across all accounts. This includes organic, paid, email and overall Digital Stack usage. 

And multi-location users can run a report across all their locations at once. This way they can see performance and engagement across all their locations, comparatively. 

A report can include metrics for one day, one week or a whole month. And, even up to three months consecutively. This way a user could see performance over a whole quarter. 

Special Requests

Most builders are chock-full of great, editable content. But we know there are situations when a user needs a specific look or size for a template. This could be due to a promotion, event or print item they need for their location(s). 

The Special Request feature allows users to submit a design brief for these one-off templates. These requests go directly to graphic designers at the Head Office or to the Digital Stack Design team. Designers are able to ask questions directly in the request to ensure they have all the information to make the design the user wants. And when done, they will notify the user that the template is now available in the builder. 

If a user is a part of a client with a Head Office team monitoring these requests, there is no additional charge. If not, users who would like to take advantage of this feature are encouraged to email support@digitalstack.io. A Digital Stack Support member will discuss package options available with the Digital Stack Design Team. Whatever the client status, our design team is especially available to assist during these uncertain times. We want to help all brands have the necessary content to communicate with customers. 

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