The Greatest Partnership: Why Digital Stack is More Than Just a Platform

Digital Stack is an all-in-one marketing and brand management platform for franchised and multi-location businesses. 

As part of your partnership with Digital Stack you will have access to the latest assets for your brand including customisable templates to use for print and social media. Along with this, you’ll be able to plan and schedule your content in advance and report on the performance of your Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business pages (plus more).

The partnership does not stop there. We are here for you every step of the way by offering assistance and support whenever and however you need it. 

Throughout your partnership with Digital Stack you will have access to the following:


With a digital platform, it is important that you can easily access a real person if there are any issues or you need support. You will be able to easily communicate with the Digital Stack Support Team by emailing  From here, you will get ongoing updates on how your question or support inquiry is going. 

Digital Stack’s Brand Experience Managers:

With your onboarding experience with Digital Stack, you will be given access to the platform and then given one-on-one training to discuss best practices and how to utilise the platform from the people who know it best; Digital Stack’s Brand Experience Managers. These account managers are also available post onboarding if your brand or business chooses. This allows for consistent meetings to ensure all parties are kept up to date on the performance of the account and new platform updates, regular reporting and further training sessions if needed. 

Graphic Designers:

Accessing pre-branded templates is easy with Digital Stack, however each client/ location is different and may require unique pieces of content. Through the platform you can easily access the “Special Requests” feature where you can communicate directly with your brand’s graphic designers or the Digital Stack Design Team. Allowing you to make quick requests for templates to be created and added into your account that you can further edit and then post. 

From a franchisor’s perspective, Digital Stack can do the graphic design work for your business or you can have your own graphic designers process these requests.

Mobile App:

You can contribute to your marketing whilst on the move with ease using the Digital Stack mobile app. Your logins are the same as the desktop website.

The mobile app hosts both Plan and Build and Schedule meaning you can follow along with any pre-created events or post one-off templates. All social media templates and functionalities are available for you on the app, just like the computer. Simply download the Digital Stack app, login and then get posting!


Once you’ve gotten access to your account in Digital Stack, you may need a little help! Users can read all of our blogs written by marketing experts to help elevate any local area marketing and learn how to best utilize Digital Stack.
We are here to help you throughout every step of your marketing journey with Digital Stack. For more information, contact

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