The Opportunities for QSR Franchises to Thrive in 2022

QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) are in league of their own. They aren’t traditional fast food like McDonalds and they aren’t sit down places where you expect a full service meal and waiter experience. These establishments are casual, but still provide quality service and food across all cuisine varieties making it accessible for many different people. 

Benefits of QSR Franchise

In 2019 when the first COVID-19 shutdowns occurred, the entire food service industry was hit particularly hard. Many had to pivot to provide take out or delivery for the first time. Others benefited from the natural low contact nature of their business like drive throughs. But all experienced setbacks as consumers began spending less and limiting the number of trips and interactions they made outside of their home. 

As the world reopens and begins to shift its mindset around COVID-19, consumer confidence and spending is likely to increase this year as people become more comfortable living with and in the pandemic. This creates a unique opportunity for the QSR sector. It’s convenient but still a scale above fast food, and these restaurants typically offer healthier options. Consumers may still be wary about going out to eat surrounded by strangers but also want the luxury of not cooking without the compromise of good food. Stopping by a local place for quality take away food could be the answer for them. QSR offers the perfect balance. 

It is clear why many entrepreneurs would be interested in this vertical, making the QSR market increasingly competitive. Investing in a franchise is one of the best ways to ensure you can be successful in this vertical. Having an established brand and menu behind you makes you more reputable to the local community you are in. From here, customize your approach to include partnerships with other local businesses or incorporate specials that include local ingredients. Focus on the community you are in so you don’t come off as another corporate option but rather the neighborhood salad and grain bowl shop, for example.  

The other benefit of being a part of a QSR franchise is the resources available to you for marketing and hiring. It’s no secret that all businesses would like to save money right now and are competing for the same workers and customers with every other business. But when you are a part of a franchise, many systems are already in place to help you with this so you don’t need to figure out on your own. Like websites (i.e. ensure it is mobile friendly) and marketing help to get your name out there. Or help with recruitment practices and packages you can offer to ensure you are hiring and retaining employees. 

Digitally Marketing Your QSR Franchise

Whether you already own and operate a QSR or are thinking of entering the market, it already is highly saturated. Food is a necessity, but consumers have a plethora of options to choose from. It’s no longer an option if your business needs to be online, every establishment should be investing in its digital presence because that is how the majority of consumers find the business they are willing to spend their money on. 

As discussed above, QSR appears to be the perfect solution to post-pandemic dining. This should be communicated effectively across all of your digital channels. As a QSR franchise, promoting the benefits of your unique business model to potential customers in your area can demonstrate your consumer-focused approach. Understanding that the post-pandemic consumer values have general well-being at the forefront is essential when looking to market your brand. The overarching ideas of a QSR likely already model what a consumer looks for nowadays. Be sure to find ways to engage your local audiences to show them that you offer this seamless experience of quality food, in a safe and accessible way.

Platforms like Digital Stack can assist in beefing up your franchise’s local area marketing; helping owners/operators to invest in an online persona. This includes encouraging and responding to reviews. Create a social media presence (if you don’t have one already) and focus on building up your local following. Show off menu items, hold contests and raffles for gift cards or free items to get new and existing customers in the door again. Above all, provide the best customer service in-person and online as this is how you build and keep loyal customers for life.

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