Using User-Generated Content to Benefit a Hyper-localized Market

Imagine if there was an approach to simplify your marketing strategy while also reaching your target audience in a distinctive way. These are the exact benefits of incorporating UGC into your digital marketing efforts. Not to mention the countless advantages this tactic will have on hyper-localizing your entire online experience.

What is UGC?

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of content published by consumers, usually independent from the internal brand. Generally speaking, this type of content can be collected by monitoring tagged results and comments. Then all your company has to do is re-share this as an original post! Since these materials are coming from an external source, and are independent from the actual brand, they can hold a lot of influence over consumers decision-making process and be very persuasive. 

Finding and resharing content your business is tagged in is really very simple and most importantly, doesn’t require a lot of time and attention. Consequently, this usability makes this tactic one of the most highly effective marketing trends to date. 

All you need to do is look at your tagged posts (these will appear in the notifications section on each platform) and then either screenshot the post and upload that image to your page or download a resharing app to your mobile device. Setting a reminder to do this once or twice a month is an easy way to stay on top of your tagged posts and stock up on UGC content. 

Using Digital Stack’s reporting features can help track the insights of these posts to allow for an easy transition from getting that content to creating something usable. The report will show you what is your top performing post and story across both Facebook and Instagram so you know what type of content you should continue to gather and post. As well show you your reviews and photo views on Google My Business listings. 

Using UGC at a local level

Consumers appreciate viewing this type of content, thus the engagement on these types of posts tends to be greater. Wouldn’t you love to be featured on your favorite company’s social media page after all! Most importantly, this type of content allows companies to create a localized feel digitally. 

In light of the pandemic, people have been spending increased amounts of time in areas local to them. This trend has heightened the need for a hyper-local marketing strategy now more than ever. UGC is an essential way to incorporate individualized content naturally. Speaking from a franchise perspective, this form of marketing allows the personality of each local branch to be articulated through their designated online platforms. Ultimately, this gives consumers a voice on your platforms, while simultaneously creating a simplified approach to localizing your marketing strategy.

Find out how Digital Stack can help keep these localized efforts stay consistent across your entire brand here:

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