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What Type of Instagram Account is Best for Your Business? Personal, Creator or Business?

Have you been wondering which type of Instagram account you should be using for your brand? With three options to choose from, we’ve put together the pro’s and con’s of each account type to help you make the best decision.



More music options are available within the app to add to both reels and stories.


Part of running a business is making it as easy as possible for leads to contact you. By having your Instagram account as personal, you’re unable to have contact buttons or the swipe-up function to generate leads that then could turn into sales. A personal account also doesn’t track any analytics to determine who you should be targeting and what posts are working for your page. You’re also unable to promote a post by paid advertising to generate more brand exposure and leads.



Allows you to access insights, add contact buttons and work with other brands for branded content features. More music options are available within the app to add to both reels and stories.


API access isn’t enabled so you don’t have the capability to connect third party platforms into the app for scheduling or in-depth analytics such as Digital Stack. Creator accounts are designed for influencers rather than a professional business.



An Instagram business account allows for third party platforms such as Digital Stack to create content, schedule posts in advance, plan your month ahead and report on audience insights to further grow your business. A business account is designed to make running a business and promoting your brand on Instagram easier than ever before. You’re able to use paid advertising on Instagram to reach a larger audience and generate leads and sales.


Limited music options for both reels and stories.

Overall, a business account allows for you to promote your business to the best of its ability. The only downside is limited music options for reels and stories, however when you compare the pro’s and con’s of all of the account types, business has the most benefits for any brand and business. Not to mention, there are always workarounds for having better music on your Instagram page via other apps before publishing your content.

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