Why Every Business Should Be Active on LinkedIn

The impact the business world has seen these past few months is unprecedented, eventually things will recover. But, it might never be like it once was. This means now more than ever before, companies will need to pivot from its previous business plan. In order to achieve success post COVID-19, a strong, reliable workforce will be needed. And LinkedIn should be included in the new approach companies are taking. 

What’s so special about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business networking platform aimed at connecting people,  brands and companies to one another. It is used all over the world by workers and businesses in nearly every job sector. The platform has evolved and grown leaps and bounds since its founding in 2003. And it seems the sky is limit for future growth, as over the last two years LinkedIn activity has increased 50% YOY thanks to updates made to the algorithm. What drove this new approach? According to leadership within LinkedIn, it centered around changing what the LinkedIn Feed is, focusing on “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”. 

The Linkedin algorithm prioritises personal connections based around interests, which can be a massive advantage for businesses. Once it masters the triggers of the algorithm, it can use it to engage with the users most likely to respond positively to the business.

This means that a LinkedIn user doesn’t have to be following your page to see your content; they could see it if a connection of theirs shares the post or liked it. Users also see posts related to any groups they have joined, events they’ve attended or hashtags they’ve followed. All with the goal of showing LinkedIn users content they will be interested in.

LinkedIn for businesses 

Currently, about 50 million companies are on LinkedIn. Is yours? If not, you definitely should consider it. Whether you are looking for new lead generation avenues, content marketing opportunities or recruitment, you can do all these via a LinkedIn Business page. 

LinkedIn also offers special services to businesses using the platform like LinkedIn Premium. This allows companies more profile transparency and direct interaction with clients and job seekers. LinkedIn Business Services hosts resources for marketing, sales, talent acquisition and more. And LinkedIn Learning provides a massive library of videos across a wide range of business, creative and technology interests. All these features are aimed at connecting businesses with each other and to business experts not just at LinkedIn, but all over professional landscapes to learn and grow. 

LinkedIn’s job board is also very unique, interested parties can apply for jobs directly on the site. And the reality is that most people seeking employment today are on LinkedIn and they are using the platforms’ various tools to shop out companies. A business’ page that has engaging content, actively posts and has employees that interact with and talk about the company are far more attractive to that prospective employee and will make them want to apply to work for that company.

What to do now

If you are about to re-enter the marketplace post COVID-19 and are in need of more employees to help run your business due to changes mandated by local and national governments, it is a great time to update and post to your page. Or if you still have some downtime while you are practicing safe social distancing, now is a good time to give it some attention! Don’t have a LinkedIn Business page yet? They are easy to set-up

Check out the great resources from the brilliant minds behind LinkedIn. Like in-depth guides and interviews with members of its Leadership that could give you new inspiration!

Use the direct integration via Digital Stack to advertise any job opportunities and company announcements. People are on their devices more than usual, capitalise on this and be front of mind on all platforms. Many people are job searching as well, and making an effort on your LinkedIn Business page will benefit you in the long run as you search for qualified candidates to fill the position(s) you are currently hiring for or will be in the future. 

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