Why Flyers are still a Mainstay of Franchise Local Area Marketing

At this point, handing out flyers is so old-school it’s become the new ‘non-traditional marketing’. So is it time you went ‘back to the future’ and embraced flyers again for your franchise local area marketing?

Sure its low cost and gives your staff something to do in quiet times, but does it work at the franchise location level?
The short answer is yes – so long as you get the basics right.

Here’s 6 reasons why flyers can still get it done in the digital age:

1. Flyer messages are more likely to be considered

The context for a flyer being handed over means it’s much more likely to get the undivided attention of the audience.
Typically when people are walking the street they aren’t distracted by a digital screen and information overload. That means they’re far more likely to absorb the message and consider the offer contained in the flyer.

While it’s true digital channels offer greater reach, a much lower percentage of the audience register awareness of the message and then a smaller proportion still consider your brand and offer.

Additionally, it’s the physical tangibility of a flyer that increases consideration; it’s been shown that humans read paper more thoroughly than we do digital screens.

As the Scientific American puts it: “(research) indicates that modern screens and e-readers fail to adequately recreate certain tactile experiences of reading on paper that many people miss and, more importantly, prevent people from navigating long texts in an intuitive and satisfying way.”

In an increasingly ‘noisy’ environment for franchise local area marketing, this shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Handing out flyers allows room for personal charm

Not many digital display ads come across with a friendly smile and a ‘good morning’. Flyers let your business showcase its personal touch; even if it’s a brief interaction. If your business is unexceptional and struggling for differentiation in the local market, its people can be the difference. It only makes sense then to use their faces and personalities in your franchise local area marketing!

3. Complete control over targeting

By literally handing over flyers to your target audience you have 100% control over targeting. Compare this to other channels where you are leaving things to a Google algorithm or a ‘spray and pray’ local television or radio ad. There’s a lot to be said for any marketing activity that specifically and exclusively targets your franchise catchment.

When thinking through your flyer sales promotions ask yourself “where do I find the right people in the right place at the right time”.

When thinking through where to hand out flyers, sometimes it pays to think differently.

Often franchise owners think the busiest thoroughfare makes the best location for flyer handouts.  If it’s about handing out as many flyers as possible, then they’re dead right. But don’t overlook quieter locations. They can be more conducive to starting useful sales discussions, so your conversion rate may be significantly higher.

4. Flyers turn audiences into leads into sales – fast

With flyer handouts you often generate leads, qualify them, provide additional information and handle objections all in the first interaction. What other franchise local area marketing converts prospects so quickly?

5. Print flyers last longer than online posts or ads

With so much digital media noise, customers may see something and forget about it in an instant. A printed brochure, business card or booklet, however, has the potential to be left around for later reading or for others to pick up.
Being a tangible item, flyers also lend themselves to being forwarded on to people who may be interested. It’s not uncommon for the recipient to pass on the flyer to a family member or friend who they think would appreciate the offer.

6. A great way to utilize staff during quiet periods

While they’re earning an hourly wage you may as well put staff to productive use. Often they’re thankful for the change of scenery and embrace the opportunity to get out and do something different.

Remember, there’s no substitute for a great offer

So there’s a host of reasons why flyers are effective as a communication medium. Using flyers, you’ll stand a great chance of getting your message across. But the overall effectiveness of your campaign still relies heavily on the strength of the message (which is usually an offer).

It could be a free trial, a discount as a time-limited offer, or a gift pack for new customers, or even free samples. No matter which offer you’re running with, it needs to resonate with your target audience and provide a strong call to action.
Like any franchise local area marketing initiative, any sales promotion utilizing flyer handouts is only as good as the offer.

Looking for motivation?

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