Digital Stack Seamlessly Connects: Understanding our Unique Business Model

Looking for a way to connect all of your social media platforms to one place? We’ve got it. 

Want a way to communicate with your franchise’s corporate marketing team? We’ve got it.

Hoping for an easier path to accessing all of your branded marketing materials? We’ve got it.

Trying to plan out email campaigns, social posts and print materials? We’ve got it.

When we say all-in-one marketing platform, that is what we mean! Our unique business model drives franchises to better organic marketing solutions everyday. That’s why our team is dedicated to coordinating all your platforms, integrating with your desired services and most importantly, providing you with a way to communicate with your franchise’s corporate marketing team. 

Connecting you to a new way of franchise marketing

Our company founders recognized the difficulties in managing marketing efforts as a small-business owner and franchisee. And that is just one element to running a business! So they created a solution with Digital Stack, giving you one platform to tackle all of those moving elements in a single place.

So how does our unique business model work? Oftentimes, we first start by working closely with your franchise’s corporate marketing team. Here we assist them in uploading all of the branded assets used in your daily marketing efforts. From there, we work to assist in the process of connecting all the desired platforms and additional services to Digital Stack. Finally, our Brand Experience Managers and Support Team work closely with each franchise location to ensure complete understanding of how to use the platform.

Connecting you and your corporate marketing team

There are several main features that Digital Stack offers which enables stronger communication between you as a franchisee and your franchise’s corporate marketing team. The first being the Plan feature, which provides an overview of each month’s marketing content. Corporate marketing teams are able to add suggested content and helpful reminders to all location planners each month to provide you with a starting point on your marketing plan. The Template Gallery and Asset Library allow the corporate marketing team to upload branded content into your account on a consistent basis.

In case there is specific content you as a franchisee are looking for, use the special requests feature to contact your corporate marketing team for design work. Each of these elements play a role in making your marketing efforts less of a pain point! Once your location is up and running on Digital Stack, your corporate marketing team can check reports to make sure everything is working properly and make adjustments when necessary.

Connecting you to your platforms and services

Digital Stack is fully integrated with your desired marketing platforms and services. This includes social media accounts, emailing services, Google listing pages and print providers. We look to offer connection options for any of the marketing platforms you put to use. 

  • Social Media: Connecting your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account to Digital Stack opens up a variety of capabilities including planning and scheduling out content for automatic posting. From there, you are able to run reports highlighting the performance of your various platforms.
  • Emailing Services: Digital Stack has the ability to integrate with your different emailing services. Some of these include ClubReady and Fitware. This allows you to build and schedule branded email templates right within the platform and send them to your various email lists.
  • Google Listing Page: Google My Business is a specialized marketing effort that allows you to add to your Google listing page. This will provide you with a way to optimize your Google listing page results and help others find your business easier.
  • Print Providers: While we are a digitally-based platform, print materials are still a necessary part of marketing as well! Digital Stack allows you to create and order print materials from right within the platform. Either use your corporate marketing team’s designated print provider or enter a local one of your own.

By having access to all of these platforms and services in one place, you as a franchisee can easily put them to use. 

Connecting you to your paid marketing services 

As mentioned above, Digital Stack is primarily an organic marketing tool. By definition, this means marketing efforts that naturally attract traffic to your business over time rather than paying for these services. However, many franchisees also use outside resources to integrate paid marketing services into their overall strategy. This includes features like Facebook or Google advertisements. If this is the case for your location, you are able to integrate these services into Digital Stack to provide you with reporting metrics on how these efforts are performing.

Connecting you with Digital Stack

So now that you understand how the business model of Digital Stack works, it’s time to get you set up with your own account. Remember, all of your marketing efforts under a single login is the ultimate goal of Digital Stack. This means everything from providing team access to serving multi-location owners. Once you are set up, we want to stay connected! As a Digital Stack user, take advantage of group webinars, one-on-one training sessions and helpful marketing tips shared weekly on our blog!

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