Taking an Omni-Channel Approach to Marketing

In order for companies to reach their desired audiences most effectively, they should be using multiple different channels of communication. In fact, brands who use three or more channels in conjunction have a 90% higher retention rate than those who use a single channel.

Omni-channel marketing encompasses this idea of reaching consumers at every angle and following them through their customer journey. This fairly new concept can be difficult and time-consuming to master. Follow along below for an in-depth explanation of omni-channel marketing to help your brand create consistency between platforms and provide customers with a well-rounded experience.

What is Omni-Channel Marketing

The purpose of omni-channel marketing is to create a seamless customer experience. In other words, every touch point you have with your audience should follow a unified approach. This includes both traditional (like print) and digital forms of communication. While the overall messaging of any promotional effort should be the same in omni-channel marketing, the ultimate goal is to adjust it slightly according to each specific platform and desired customer. 

With that being said, omni-channel marketing looks to place the customer at the center of the marketing strategy. Messages should be customized based on each consumer’s behavior, but they still need to be seamlessly woven together between different channels and among brands at large. Consequently, this notion can become difficult to master effectively as every customer journey looks different. Therefore, a great deal of time and effort needs to be put into following through this entire process.

How to Master Omni-Channel Marketing

There are a multitude of factors that can lead to a successful omni-channel marketing strategy. The starting point should always be laying the groundwork with the entire team involved. Much like the goal of omni-channel marketing, team members should be working in unison to best address their consumer’s needs. This will allow for a consistent message to be communicated across the board. 

All members of a marketing team should be looking to use the customer data that has been gathered to craft relevant messages for all platforms in use. The better each team member knows and understands the targeted audience, the easier it will be to implement that seamless marketing strategy. Having everyone on the same page is imperative when conducting an omni-channel marketing strategy. 

Implementing Omni-Channel Marketing

Keeping all marketing team members well informed on who the audience(s) is/are and how to consistently share the targeted message with them is a time-consuming process and can be difficult to maintain. Yet, it is necessary to provide this consistent experience across all channels to avoid customer confusion and yield the best results. Digital Stack provides an easy solution to mastering the art of omni-channel marketing. 

Managing multiple forms of traditional and digital marketing simultaneously, all while keeping content properly branded, is the basis of Digital Stack. The highly collaborative features of this platform allow multi-location brands to disseminate shared messaging across multiple channels and keep all marketing team members informed. As discussed above, having team members work in unison is half the battle! 

An example of running a successful omni-marketing strategy could include following a pattern similar to this.

  1. First, monitor a consumer’s behavior when they search for your location on Google and meet them with a branded Google My Business template.
  2. After gaining their interest and receiving a contact email, reach out to them with a branded email template.
  3. Once landing them as a customer, continue conversation by using branded social media templates to further communication.

All of these efforts can be planned out and implemented using the features offered by Digital Stack. Reach out to learn more on how Digital Stack can help your brand create a seamless customer experience:  https://digitalstack.io/request-a-demo/ 

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