Multi-location Management

Digital Stack has been purpose built for franchise and multi-location brands.

One of the key requirements for franchise and multi-location brands is the ability to execute tasks at multiple levels of the organisation’s structure. No franchise marketing tool has ever empowered brands to manage this efficiently and effectively. Until now. 

Digital Stack allows brands to easily action the below tasks for a specific location, or across an entire network.


Populate marketing plans

Schedule content across all channels

Create and run reports

Upload and store photo shoots and campaign assets

Deploy new design templates and make them available to all locations in a single click

Add articles and videos to the learn centre

Communicate via push notifications

Move between different location and different brand accounts

Connect all online accounts (ie. social) in a single action

Send emails using lists of multiple locations

Support the hierarchy

To make the above functions even more effortless, Digital Stack enables you to action these tasks across all levels.

Think global, act local

Digital Stack understands the role of brand in local area marketing

Through a content and feature rich ecosystem, Digital Stack empowers franchise and multi-location businesses. We deliver expertise tailored specifically to these brands; individually, locally, and as an organisation.

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