Multi-location, Multi-brand

Digital Stack has been designed and built for franchise brands and this includes investors of multiple franchise brands

A common behaviour in franchising is for owners to invest in multiple franchise brands across the same or different verticals.

Brand and location context switching

Digital Stack supports these multi-location, multi-brand owners allowing them to complete a wide range of tasks under a single account.

Allow a single owner to jump between their brands all in one account

Allow a single owner to have complete visibility of each brand's performance

Allow agencies from each brand access to Digital Stack

Ensure permissions are set to only allow users to see their own accounts

"Digital Stack allows me to view and manage all my marketing activity across all three of my franchise brands without having to log in and out all the time. Each brand is unique but DS allows me to see the performance of one or all whenever I want. It empowers my team to execute our local area marketing and report back on its success. If you are like me and are addicted to the franchise game and want to continue to expand your portfolio without any stress in relation to marketing, you need Digital Stack."
Paul Rayner
Cash Converters, Snap Fitness, 9Round

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