Using the Learn and Plan Sections to Communicate with Users

Communication with brand locations and members is always key. Even more so during difficult or uncertain times for a business. Head Offices need to communicate with its location owners and managers, and locations need to communicate with its customers. 

Digital Stack has features and suggested processes in place to make this easier than ever. The Learn and Plan sections offer Head Offices a variety of ways to share information. Including the ability to post announcements, network wide communications and marketing plans across to all locations in its system.

Learn Center

The Learn center is the perfect place for users to find answers to any of their questions. From platform announcements and updates to general marketing inspiration and best practice tips, the Learn section is a wealth of knowledge.  

At the Agency level, Head Office users can share announcements and news relevant to all users. For example, proactive announcements that are extremely important during times of uncertainty. This is a time when users are looking to Head Office for key information. 

Users can easily filter through the articles by using the keyword search feature or by looking within the different categories. And they have the ability to comment on an article if they have any questions. A member of their organization or Digital Stack are able to respond directly! 


Marketing is a plan activity; it is most successful when thought out and content and initiatives are scheduled in advance. Head Office teams can pre-populate planners across the entire network full of all the content they want locations to use. This can include national promotions and campaigns, ad content, organic post suggestions, emails and more.

Events within the Plan section allow for media files, instructions and a desired platform. The events can be saved within the planner based on a color-coded system. This indicates to the end user what is needed in order to complete the post. Giving franchisees/locations access to full marketing plans during normal operating conditions is a good business practice. But is especially smart during times of crisis, as it sets them at ease and provides a level of transparency.

Location users can also create their own events in the Plan section. Events can appear in the calendar each month when set to recurring. Users can also plan across multiple locations, saving from one, to all they have access to. Using the Plan feature is the best way to ensure locations are staying in line with brand recommendations and initiatives. Then users can compliment that with their own localised content. 

The Plan feature is extremely useful in team settings. An owner or head manager can set expectations for the month or week in regards to content. Then an assistant manager or trainer, for example, would be able to see what they need to action and create for that time period. 

Another massive advantage of the Plan feature is the time it saves a user to populate a full calendar. Particularly during times of the year when business may be extremely busy or when people traditionally take some time off

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