B2B Commerce

Streamlined ordering for franchisees

Franchise brands often have their own ordering experience for franchisees. This can include one or more suppliers.

To streamline this process and provide a better user experience Digital Stack has successfully integrated with a range of suppliers to provide a centralised location for all marketing collateral and merchandise.

This B2B Commerce feature allows franchisees to:

Order and pay for print items and send directly to a printer

Order and pay for apparel and send directly to the supplier ready for distribution

Order and pay for merchandise before a campaign and have it delivered directly

Digital Stack makes rebate payments easy

A lot of franchise brands will take rebates and Digital Stack has built in a percentage split system for transactions. This makes it an open and honest transaction for all parties.

Do you need the middle man?

As franchises grow and expand they are often left with a lot of older legacy systems or middle men managing the procurement process on behalf of other wholesale suppliers. If a brand has these, Digital Stack has a nice easy platform to supplier model where you can order and deliver direct from the source, rather than paying commission to a third party.

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