Multi-location brands

Built from the ground up for multi-location

Designed exclusively for franchise and multi-location brands, Digital Stack is perfect for any brand who requires support for locations.

Digital Stack is a single tool with features complimenting areas to provide users with an easy to use experience.

Franchise models mean people who invest into the brand own the rights to their allocated territory whereas multi-location businesses are controlled from a head office who owns and is responsible for all of the locations.


Digital Stack and its multi-location functionality across the platform allow a one-to-many approach, saving users time and marketing more effectively.

Pre-populate all stores' local area marketing plans

Schedule content for all locations in a few clicks

Bulk order print and merchandise for all locations

Run reports across all locations and benchmark their performance

Store all of your assets in a single head office account or local area collections

Easily connect all of your digital channels in a few clicks

Lift Brands Case Study

That is why global brands like Lift Brands, owners of Snap Fitness and 9Round Boxing use Digital Stack.

Teams across Asia Pac and Europe rely on Digital Stack to access content from the Global head office in the US, they amend the templates to fit their local demographic and then share these across to each franchise network. 

Marketing Managers and their teams in each country work to upload assets that can be utilised in each market and provide comprehensive marketing plans for both national and organic campaigns.

"We have worked with Digital Stack for 5 years across over 300 clubs in Australia and New Zealand. DS is our connection tool for delivery of content, assets and strategy from corporate to franchisees. It provides us as a corporate entity the ability to ensure marketing assets are being deployed correctly and consistently which allows us as a brand to leverage our power in numbers with consistent brand messaging and imagery to consumers. The platform gives our clubs the ability to pre-plan their campaigns, deploy across all the social platforms, track their success and make the needed adjustments. If you are responsible for a large network like I am, you need Digital Stack."
Andy Peat
CEO Lift Brands ANZ

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