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Network Intelligence

Measure success

Franchise and multi-location brands require a tool to support their network, providing them with well thought-out marketing plans, education, easy access to assets and the ability to localise their marketing to create greater connection in their community.

Digital Stack is this tool.

As a real work business tool Digital Stack allows all levels of the organisation to get involved in their marketing and do so via the right device and with only relevant information.

Digital Stack allows brands to

Deploy marketing campaigns globally, nationally, by territory, group or even select individual locations

Execute plans so locations can follow the recommended rollout plans

Upload and store assets and templates to empower locations to localise their marketing

Viiew live insights to track the success of the campaigns

Mesaure success

Once campaigns are complete head office teams can measure the success of the campaigns against key success indicators.

In Digital Stack you don’t only track the digital performance, you track the locations and their teams’ performance too.

  • Visibly see who has logged in and completed the tasks set out in the plan
  • View who has opened your push notifications and seen your communication
  • Benchmark location performance against each other
  • View who spent the recommended advertising budgets
  • What customers were searching for when submitting a lead
  • How many conversions were attained during the campaign

This capability provides brands with network intelligence – what is working at all levels of a campaign and during those times between.

As any franchisor would attest, the strength of their brand is the ability to control your locations in your brand but interestingly on other side, franchisees are always asking for more flexibility.

Sometimes they need something specific to their marketplace, specific to their location, especially regional and metro facilities, each have unique requirements. Digital Stack allows us to provide this flexibility without losing control of our brand.

Digital Stack is fantastic for three key elements for us.

  • Visibility over the franchise network, especially around the reporting and Insights
  • Control branding with approved marketing materials
  • Flexibility for franchisees to localise their content localise content
Ty Menzies
Global CEO, Lift Brands

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