Are Your Ad Accounts Authorised in Digital Stack? If Not, They Should Be.

Written by guest blogger – Rachael Dao, LT Network General Manager

There are many benefits to authorising your platforms in Digital Stack beyond the ability to schedule out social posts. Authorizing ad accounts within Digital Stack gives users easy accessibility to have a single source of truth on their marketing performance; organic and paid. 

While paid metrics are available in the reporting within each individual ad platform, these can often be overwhelming for the everyday person who is not accustomed to and trained in paid advertising. Digital Stack extracts the perfect amount of data and displays it in an easy to read format that anyone can follow. 

With a quick click of your mouse, you can see your total spend, impressions, click-through rate, leads and conversions for each ad you run on Facebook or Google. Our Report even includes a handy “?” to give you a full description of what each category tracks to help you understand your metrics better.

Why does it matter?

Knowing your ad performance is not only important for smart money management practices but it also helps you craft your organic marketing plan to ensure your content across all channels is set for optimal success and engagement. 

Because the Digital Stack report shows you top performing organic content and ad performance, you can take note of the well performing posts for that time period and continue to push that content over lower-performing posts. 

Typically these high performing posts are “hyper-local”, meaning they include photos and videos of customers, members and events. Alongside this complemented with strong paid posts of your current offer or sale, these will perform well in the various algorithms each platform uses to prioritize what content users see. 

Case study: One Digital Stack client group saw 61% growth in organic Facebook reach over a 12 month period when using Digital Stack to plan and learn from their posting habits. 

Make sure you balance paid ads with organic content.

It’s important to note that while ads are necessary for the success of your business, you can’t forget about your organic marketing game! 

When you use the tactics mentioned above, you can attract far more people to your page for free! Posts featuring promotions and sales will get you conversions but aren’t going to get you the engagement you’re looking for. Only hyper-local content will achieve this over time, so make sure you are as focused on planning ahead and posting this content as you are on running successful ads. 

To authorise your ad accounts, head to the “Connect” section of Digital Stack. You can find this within the top right-hand drop-down menu. Hit the green authorise button underneath Google Ads or Facebook and then sign into those platforms with your user login and grant Digital Stack access to the account and campaigns. Find more information on connecting Google Ads and Facebook ads on our Help Desk site. 

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