Franchise Groups

Digital Stack makes it easy for brands to empower groups within their franchise network.

Franchise groups are popular on most networks. These owners and operators manage many – in some cases of our users up to 50 – units within one given system. This brings unique challenges and the need for streamlined solutions and processes.

Franchise Groups often have their own management team that location managers report to. Digital Stack allows Franchise Groups to disperse specific content with approved messaging to all its locations. Franchise Groups can also publish content to a specific location in particular, or even a specific group. Digital Stack can further run comparative reports that benchmark performance and usage of each location against each other, to ensure all clubs are compliant. Marketing Managers within Franchise Groups can set marketing calendars for each location to follow, as well as schedule out posts to social and digital platforms for each location with the click of a button

Franchise Groups can

Store their own assets for locations in their groups

Deploy marketing plans for locations in their own group

Run reports on performance and behaviour on locations in their group

Send push notifications to team members of locations

Provide training and support to your group

“Digital Stack allows me to effectively and professionally manage 40+ Facebook and IG pages, utilising the planning and building functionalities to efficiently post whilst keeping the content personalised to each individual business page.”
Todd Howard
The Howard Group, Australia

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