International Franchises

Digital Stack helps orchestrate marketing across the globe

Managing franchise brands across one country is challenging enough, let alone multiple countries. Global franchise brands struggle to execute marketing campaigns in new countries due to cultural difference, language barriers, consumer expectations, legal restrictions and employee behaviour. For this reason, global franchisees will use multiple systems to get things off the ground.

Brands who use Digital Stack can do all of this from one platform.

Digital Stack allows brands to

Implement a true global franchise hierarchy

Provide countries with their own system to coordinate their domestic efforts

Introduce collaboration tools to allow countries to share results and assets

Ensure the tool and its assets are in the country's native language

Give access to 24/7 support and training

Global reporting and insights at country, territory and local levels

Lift Brands Success

That is why global brands like Lift Brands, owners of Snap Fitness and 9Round Boxing use Digital Stack.

Teams across Asia Pac and Europe rely on Digital Stack to access content from the Global head office in the US, they amend the templates to fit their local demographic and then share these across to each franchise network. 

Marketing managers and their teams in each country work to upload assets that can be utilised in each market and provide comprehensive marketing plans for both national and organic campaigns.

“Digital Stack is the most important tool that we use as it pertains to marketing and media management. This software has single handedly made our marketing efforts more efficient and effective.”
Caitlin Trvdik
Global Vice President of Marketing, Lift Brands

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