Increase Your Reach: Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used social platforms, with over 900 million users as of June 2021. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why content can get lost among the thousands of posts that go out each day. There are a few helpful tactics marketers can use to help increase a brand’s presence on Instagram. Use the tips listed below to build visibility.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help categorize posts within the platform making it easier for a brand’s target market to find it. There are countless existing hashtags that can be used within the site already. Marketers can also create brand-specific hashtags to make their content stand out even more. Giving a post several relevant hashtags will help build up the brand profile. Make sure these are specific to what the post is conveying and look to follow current trending hashtags for increased visibility. Top-Hashtag keeps a list of the most popular hashtags for users to access.

  1.  Repurpose User-Generated Content

People who appreciate your brand are likely posting about it on their social media channels. This content can easily be reused on a brand page and provides a chance to further connect with current followers and increase visibility with a wider audience. Learn more about the advantages of UGC from a previous Digital Stack blog post. 

  1.  Boost Search Visibility

There are several ways to boost a profile’s search visibility within the Instagram platform. Site experts say using a fitting name is one of the most important things. A profile handle should reflect what content will show up on the linked account. Next, having keywords or locations in the bio will help narrow down a user’s search even further. Finally, including keywords in any captioning will also help create greater page visibility. All of these will help users find a profile when searching on Instagram.

  1. Combine Your Social Channels

Many brands have a variety of different social media platforms they use to connect with their audience. Integrating marketing efforts to cross-promote each one of these pages between sites is a useful tactic. Learn more about creating a consistent brand experience across platforms with an omni-channel marketing strategy from a previous Digital Stack blog post.

  1. Follow Community Guidelines

It is of vital importance that all posts on Instagram follow the stated Community Guidelines. These include sharing only photos you have a right to share and that are appropriate for a diverse audience and foster meaningful interactions, to name a few. If the post is found violating any of these guidelines, it will be removed from the site entirely. Avoid anything stated above to ensure a post remains on Instagram.

All of the tactics discussed above will help increase a brand’s Instagram presence overall. Using one or more of these can help ensure these posts don’t get lost among the millions of users on the platform. For more digital marketing best practices, check out Digital Stack’s blog

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