Lift Brands Sign 5 Year Global Agreement with Digital Stack

Lift Brands, the global fitness franchise empire encompassing Snap Fitness, 9Round, Yogafit and Insurgence, has signed a five year global agreement with franchise marketing software Digital Stack.

This new agreement will see Digital Stack used by over 2,500 new and existing Lift Brands fitness locations spread over 20+ countries.

Lift Brands Chief Marketing Officer Caitlin Tvrdik said the company was impressed with Digital Stack’s ease of use, but also the guidance and control it offered franchisees. Most don’t have marketing specialists amongst their staff.

“We’re excited to rollout Digital Stack across the entire Lift Brands network. It’s been a proven time-saver and ensures our franchisees’ marketing is professional and on-brand. Amongst users in markets that have already adopted Digital Stack, it’s universally liked for its ease-of-use and effectiveness,” Ms Tvrdik said.

As part of the global rollout, Digital Stack has been integrated with core elements of the Lift Brands’ marketing stack, from social media platforms to email clients and CRM. Lift Brands CTO Rob Mendel said Digital Stack was now at the centre of a unified marketing stack, “Digital Stack easily integrated with our existing platforms including our membership management platform and print vendor. Having a fully integrated marketing stack sets up for the foreseeable future.”

Digital Stack CEO Peter Harris was eager to see Digital Stack adopted throughout Lift Brands after several years of success in select markets, “We’ve seen first-hand what Digital Stack did for the Snap Fitness and 9Round brands in Australia and New Zealand. Their franchisees’ branded content was instrumental to their brands taking off here. By increasing the reach of their branded content organically, they benefitted significantly in their paid digital campaigns.”

The rollout of Digital Stack comes during a transformational stage at Minneapolis-based Lift Brands. Calendar 2018 has seen a brand refresh, surging international franchise sales and a comprehensive update of their marketing technology stack.

With Digital Stack now at the core of franchisees’ marketing efforts globally, Lift Brands is set to ensure momentum is carried right through 2019 and beyond.

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